why it is better to eat Fruits and vegetables raw

Fruits and vegetables: this is why it is better to eat them raw Fruits and vegetables are essential for a varied and balanced diet: they ensure the right intake of vitamins and minerals, help to maintain a healthy weight and prevent the risk of chronic diseases. Eating them regularly contributes to the health of the […]


more fruits and vegetables a day make you healthy person

more fruits and vegetables a day. The data come from a study conducted by the Institute of Forlì Agroter through its Monitor Fruit and Vegetables, which related the consumption of fruit and vegetables with our health. Fruit and vegetables, which are one of the cornerstones of our Mediterranean diet, have seen a contraction in consumption […]


the presence of nitrate in vegetables

compares risks to consumers arising from the presence of nitrate in vegetables with the benefits of a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain  assessed the risks and benefits to consumers of nitrates in vegetables and concluded that the positive effects of consuming fruit and vegetables are higher […]


The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Here is a complete picture of recommended foods: The Mediterranean diet involves the intake of a large amount of cereals and derivatives, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. You should not miss a good dose of legumes and fish, and a limitation of foods that contain saturated fats, cholesterol and animal proteins, such as cheese, meat […]